Data Availability

Data Set Governing Rule Who Provides the Data? What's in the Data? Data Status
(updated May 9, 2016)
Claims - APCD Chapter 243
  • Insurance companies
  • Third Party Administrators (TPA)
  • Medicare - CMS
  • MaineCare - DHHS
  • Since 2003, all claims paid for Maine residents by insurance companies licensed in Maine.
  • Medicare claims paid for Maine residents
  • MaineCare (Maine Medicaid) claims
Currently available:
  • Commercial data through December 2015
  • Medicare data through December 2014
  • MaineCare data through December 2015
Hospital Data Chapter 241 Maine Hospitals
(Hospitals by Peer Groups)
Since 1990, all services provided by hospitals and provider based clinics in Maine (includes historical information from the Maine Health Care Finance Commission).
  • Inpatient 2014
  • Outpatient 2014
Ch. 270 Quality Data Chapter 270 Maine hospitals and Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) Since 2005:
  • Nursing Sensitive Indicators
  • Care Transition Measures
  • Healthcare Associated Infection Data
Quality Data through September 2015
Hospital Financials Chapter 300 Maine Hospitals Since 1994, hospital audited financial statements. (2006 introduced standard reporting template for financial reporting). Currently available are data through December 2014 (data is collected based on hospital fiscal year).

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