Maine HealthCost


August 15, 2014: Message from the Acting Executive Director of MHDO

Before releasing HealthCost 2014 we asked a group of facilities to review the accuracy of the cost data being reported in the cost compare section of HealthCost 2014. Since releasing HealthCost 2014 the MHDO has been working on improving the methodology behind the numbers as we prepare for our release of a new and improved HealthCost site in September of 2015. We have received some recent feedback from several entities (that were not part of the initial review). As a result of our findings and the feedback we have recently received we are temporarily removing from the HealthCost 2014 site all cost information associated with the six facilities listed and the 24 CPT codes listed below until we are sure the information is accurate and appropriate to be included on this website.


  • Insight Premier Health Central Maine
  • First MRI
  • Maine Center for Endoscopy
  • Maine Coast Mobile Med LLC
  • Western Ave Day Surgery
  • Maine Mobile MRI

CPT Codes:

  1. Destruction of benign lesion: 17110
  2. Transferase - Alanine Amino (ALT): 84460
  3. Obstetric Panel: 80055
  4. Therapeutic injection (sub-c, intramuscular): 96372
  5. Hepatic Function Panel: 80076
  6. Cortisol Total: 82533
  7. Creatine Kinase, Total: 82550
  8. Protein Electrophoresis, Serum: 84165
  9. Prothrombin Time (PT): 85610
  10. Electrocardiogram (ECG); 12 leads, tracing only, no interpretation and report: 93005
  11. Hemoglobin A1c: 83036
  12. Assay of Total Testosterone: 84403
  13. Urinalysis, with dip stick: 81003
  14. MRI of brain without contrast material: 70551
  15. MRI of brain with and without contrast material: 70553
  16. MRI of breast with and without contrast material; 2 breasts: 77059
  17. MRI of cervical spine without contrast material: 72141
  18. MRI of joint lower extremity without contrast material: 73721
  19. MRI of joint upper extremity without contrast material: 73221
  20. MRI of lumbar spine without contrast material: 72148
  21. MRI of pelvis without contrast material: 72195
  22. Digital mammogram; diagnostic: 77051
  23. Digital mammogram; screening: 77052
  24. Analog mammogram; diagnostic: 77055

It is essential that our HealthCost tool reflects an accurate reporting of costs. The six entities and the 24 CPT codes will be added back to the site when we are comfortable that the cost information we are posting is correct.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Maine Health Data Organization with any questions and or concerns.


Karynlee Harrington
Acting Executive Director