What You Should Know About Our MONAHRQ Hospital Quality Ratings Website

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About the Data

  • All data are from 2012. Data sources include MHDO Inpatient Data, Medicare Provider Charge Data, CMS Hospital Compare, and AHRQ Quality Indicators.
  • Several hospitals have minimal data on the site because they have a low volume of discharges.
  • Critical Access hospitals will not have utilization data in the “Medicare Charge Data for the Top 25 DRGs” table because they operate on a fee-for-service model.
  • Hospital Profile information is pre-populated from MONAHRQ.

About Navigation

  • To review a Hospital Profile, click “View Ratings” under the photo of the doctor on the homepage. Once you enter your search criteria, you will view information for your hospital of choice, including a map, contact information, service information, and quality and utilization ratings.
  • To review quality information about a specific health topic, click “View Ratings” under the photo of the doctor on the homepage. You can select a topic and subtopic.
    • Once your result table displays, you can compare hospitals by clicking the box next to their names in the table, and then click “Compare” at the top of the table.
    • Initially, the table compares hospital data to the national average. You can compare to the Maine average by selecting “In Maine Average” in the “Compared To” drop down box above the table.
    • You can also use the “Display Type” drop-down menu above the table choose to view the results as symbols, symbols and risk-adjusted rates, bar charts, or raw data.
  • To learn more about the data and measures displayed on the site, click “Resources” on the top navigation bar.

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*The website is viewable utilizing browsers IE 9 (Internet Explorer 9) and above, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari.