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About Maine Quality Forum (MQF)

The Maine Quality Forum (MQF) was established by the Maine Legislature in 2003 per 24-A Chapter 87 Section 6951, to monitor and improve the quality of health care in the State of Maine. MQF is governed by a Board of Trustees as defined in Chapter 87 §6904.

Board Members and Staff

  • Joseph Bruno, Chair
  • John Brautigam
  • Deborah Hamblen-Wood
  • Robert Harmon
  • Gary Reed
  • Wesley Richardson
  • Ellen Shillinglaw
  • Anne Head, Ex Officio (Department of Professional and Financial Regulation)
  • Henry Beck, Ex Officio (State Treasurer)

Agency Staff

  • Karynlee Harrington, Director
  • Laurie Smith, Managing Staff Accountant

Contact us at:

  • By phone: (207) 287-9900
  • By fax: (207) 287-6732
  • By mail: 102 SHS
  • By email: Karynlee.harrington@maine.gov or laurie.smith@maine.gov

Physical Location: 151 Capitol Street, Augusta