MHDO Hospital Utilization Dashboard

Title 22, Chapter 1683 section 8712 requires the MHDO to produce a report that compares hospital inpatient and outpatient utilization for all hospitals in the State. This interactive dashboard reports on the:

  • Top 15 Most Frequent Diagnosis-Related Groups
    The most common inpatient hospital stays—those that require a patient to be admitted—primarily grouped based on the principal diagnosis assigned for the stay.
  • Top 15 Most Frequent Outpatient Procedures and Services
    The most common outpatient procedures and services in Maine hospitals—those that do not require a patient to be admitted.

The report is based on the MHDO Maine Hospital Inpatient and Outpatient Encounter data. Visit the Methodology Notes to learn more.

Use the tabs, "Inpatient Diagnosis Related Groups" and "Outpatient Procedures and Services" at the top of the dashboard to select a view. Filter the results by Time Period and Payer Type, and roll-over the column headers for more detailed information.

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