MHDO Data Release Subcommittee

The following subcommittee has been established per Chapter 120: Release of Data to the Public; Section 12. Role and Responsibilities of the MHDO Data Release Subcommittee and the MHDO Board of Directors. For more details see

This Data Release Subcommittee will review and consider all data applications that include requests for Level III Data. The subcommittee will convene to review Level III data requests no later than 60 business days after the initial posting of the request on the MHDO website.

The subcommittee will also review and consider all data applicant and/or data providers' requests for review of the decisions of the MHDO Executive Director regarding Level I and Level II data as described in Section 11(1). They will convene for decision review requests no later than 60 business days after the initial decision made by the Executive Director to allow or deny a data release.


Comprised of 6 members of the MHDO Board of Directors

Andy EllisHealth Care Plan
Neil KorsenHealth Care Provider
Sandra Parker Hospitals
Peter GoreEmployers
Joel AllumbaughConsumers
Commissioner Anne HeadGovernment


Karynlee Harrington MHDO, Executive Director

Meeting Notifications

MHDO will post meetings of subcommittee at least seven business days prior to the scheduled meeting.

March 6, 2019 Meeting: 9:00 - 10:00am at the MHDO office.

Meeting documents below.


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