Hospital Organizational Data Submitters

As required by 90-590 CMR Chapter 300, Uniform Reporting System for Hospital Financial Data, Health systems and Hospitals are required to validate (review and update as needed) the pre-populated organizational information in MHDO's Hospital Data Portal by April 30th of each year (first year due date is June 30, 2022).

The pre-populated organizational information can be found in MHDO's Hospital Data Portal here: MHDO Hospital Data Portal.

5/31/22 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Document is Now Available

After the webinar we received questions, many of them similar, so we have condensed them into this FAQ document. Please review to see if an answer is provided to a question you have.

4/19/22 Webinar Recording is Now Available

The April 14th webinar recording is now available on YouTube. If you prefer not to click the link you can copy and paste this URL into your browser. You can also access the webinar deck and user manual via the links below.

4/14/22 Webinar Re: MHDO 90-590 Chapter 300, Uniform Reporting System for Hospital Financial Data; and the new requirement for Organizational Data

The MHDO will host a webinar on Thursday, April 14, 2022 from 2-3pm ET to discuss the Chapter 300 Organizational data submission system with information, instructions, and timelines as well as what it means to you as a submitter of hospital organizational data.

Please join the Zoom meeting via this link or telephone number below. If you are unable to attend, it will be recorded and posted here, approximately one week later.