Request Data or Reports

Important Notice

May 18, 2022 - Launch of MHDO Data Request Portal 2.0

Based on our data users’ feedback, version 2.0 of the MHDO Data Request Portal includes several new features including the ability to download and print the application, copy it and update for future requests and share with others that may be completing certain sections of the application. Check it out and let us know what you think.

July 2, 2019 - MHDO All-Payer Claims Database On-line Training Program

To support interested and or new MHDO data users, the Maine Health Data Organization is pleased to release an online training program for Maine’s All Payer Claims Database (APCD). The training is designed in a modular format so that users can review sections most relevant to their needs. New modules will be added over time. This initial release version includes an introductory overview of the All Payer Claims Database (Section 1), a more detailed description of the data included within the APCD and the data request process (Section 2), and a look at how the data are received and loaded for analysis (Section 3). Future sections will focus on understanding the APCD data structure in order to work with the data, and a use case example of how the data can be used to answer analytic questions.

This training module was developed by research staff and faculty at the University of Southern Maine as part of a Memorandum of Understanding with MHDO and with funding from the Maine Economic Improvement Fund to expand Maine’s health data analytic workforce and research capacity and increase professional training activities in health data management and analysis.

February 8, 2019

MHDO will no longer approve data requests that include a future year(s) of data in the request. Each year the MHDO data requestor will need to submit a revised data request through the MHDO data request portal for the most current year of data available. For example, a data requestor may request CY 2019 data in 2019. See MHDO’s Data Release Schedule here: Note: For data requests that include historical data, the data requestor is only limited in the number of years requested based on data availability. For more information please do not hesitate to contact MHDO at

How do I request MHDO data or an adhoc/customized report and how long does the process take?

It may be helpful to review the information in the links below about the MHDO data that are available:

In order to submit a request to MHDO for data or for a customized report, you must create a user account in the MHDO Data Request Portal by clicking Register. Here is a link to a demonstration of the MHDO Data Request Portal: MHDO Data Request Portal 2.0 Users Meeting Demo - YouTube. Once logged in you will be able to complete the MHDO data request form and submit it to MHDO for review. You can preview the MHDO Data Request Form by downloading it here.

MHDO will review your submitted data request within 5 business days of receipt. If your request is complete and we have no additional questions we will send you through the portal a cost estimate and a copy of the MHDO Data Use Agreement, which must be signed by the data requestor and the data recipient before MHDO will release data. We will also post your data request on our website for a thirty-day (business days) public comment period.

Once the public comment period is over, we will contact you if there are additional questions and or concerns with your data request. Once the comment period is over, all questions are resolved, and the request is formally approved it typically takes up to ten business days to deliver the data and or the customized report. Depending on the complexity of the customized report it may take more than ten business days to produce. MHDO will work with the Data Applicant to establish the timeframe for delivery.

How will MHDO communicate with you once you are working in our Data Request Portal?

The MHDO Data Request Portal includes a Discussion feature where the MHDO and the data requestor can communicate regarding the data request. If a message is sent to you via this feature in the portal, you will receive an email notification letting you know there is a new message in the portal. Please login to the Portal to review and respond via the Discussion feature.

Need help?

At any point in the process you have questions or need technical assistance please contact the MHDO Help Desk.

How long does the Data Request process take?

The process begins with the submission of the data request form to the MHDO via the MHDO Data Request Portal. Generally, it takes about 10 business days from the time you submit the data request form in the portal to when the data request is complete and ready to be posted for public comment. The public comment period is 30 business days. Once the public comment period is over, it typically takes10 business days to fulfill a request for the MHDO data files and for most customized reports. A general guide is it takes about 2 months from the time the data request form is submitted to the MHDO (and assuming the request is approved) and when the data and or report is released to the data requestor.

Note: For complex customized reports it may take more than 10 business days to produce.