Agency Transformation

In late 2010 the MHDO commissioned Deloitte Consulting to conduct an independent review of the Agency, its current structure, technology, and operations.

As a result of the Deloitte assesment, and based on feedback from our stakeholders and data partners, the Agency determined to rebuild its warehousing functions to take better advantage of newer technologies and to improve customer service.

In July we released a request for proposal (RFP) to qualified bidders for the build and operations of a highly robust and secure data warehouse.

The successful bidder is Human Services Research Institute (HSRI), partnered with National Opinion Research Center (NORC), and Public Consulting Group (PCG). You can view their successful proposal in PDF.

An APCD Transformation Webinar was held 2/26/13. You may view the webcast via AdobeConnect and/or the presentation in PDF.

The first Payer User Group (PUG) meeting was held 3/27/13. All things "PUG" can be found on the Claims Data Submitters Group page, previously known as the PUG page.

A Consumer Information Subcommittee and Protected Health Information Subcommittee have been formed. Meeting dates, agendas, and documents are available for your information.