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2014 Upcoming Events

May 1st  9:00 - 11:00   Board Meeting at 151 Capitol St.

Improving our website is part of our transformation.
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MHDO is a state agency that collects health care data and makes those data available to researchers, policy makers, and the public while protecting individual privacy.

The purpose of the organization is to create and maintain a useful, objective, reliable and comprehensive health information database that is used to improve the health of Maine citizens.   Learn More

Agency Transformation

We are currently undergoing an operational transformation to improve the ways we collect and release data and work with our partners.

New April 2014 - MHDO HealthCost 2014 Public website with average cost information for just under 200 common medical procedures by healthcare facility. The website includes a link to GoodRx which provides drug pricing information from pharmacies nationwide so that consumers can search to find the lowest price for their medication. The site also includes the recently released 2014 annual report on Healthcare associated infections in Maine. Go visit HealthCost and let us know what you think by completing the on line survey. More enhancements are coming to the website over the next 18 months so stay tuned!

New-March 2014 Public website of Patient Experience Survey data (CAHPS-PCMH survey tool). Review results of the Maine Quality Forum's survey initiative on how Maine patients rate their experience at their primary and specialty care physician practices throughout the State.

Latest Updates & Key Activities

Upcoming Data Releases:

New-March 2014 Next Release of the APCD Data: The next release of the APCD data is currently scheduled for the second week in April. This data release will include the 4th quarter of 2013 claims data from commercial plans as well as MaineCare (Medicaid) and CY 2012 and the first two quarters of 2013 Medicare data.

New-March 2014 Next Release of Hospital Inpatient and Outpatient Encounter Data: The next release of the hospital encounter data for CY 2012 which was scheduled for the end of March has been delayed due to some data quality issues. A new release date will be posted as soon as available.

Data Set Updates:

New-January 2014 Maine's 2013 Q3 APCD Data Was Released 1/6/14 - Data consumers are now able to receive files via secure download. Details were emailed directly to users with open data requests.

New-January 2014 Medicare Data will be Obtained Quarterly - Calendar year 2012 and Q1 and Q2 of 2013 should be available by early 2014

New-March 2014 FY 2012 Hospital Financial Templates are Available - Contact MHDO

Rules and Policy Changes:

New-3/25/14  Chapter 243 Rule Changes
Appendix D-1 previously was missing data element MC899. Be sure to note it does remain a data element and is unchanged.

New-3/13/14  Chapter 243 Uniform Reporting System for Health Care Claims Data Sets
A public hearing will be held at the MHDO Board of Directors meeting on April 3, 2014 regarding the proposed changes to Chapter 243.

New-3/10/14   Chapter 243 Proposed Rule Changes and Summary of Changes is now posted on our Rules page

Update-3/13/14  Chapter 10, Determination of Assessments
Public comments to the proposed rule change are being accepted until March 17th. They must be in writing and received no later than 5:00 p.m.

New-December 2013 Waiver of Annual Registration Requirements for Payers not Required to Submit Claims Data.

Update-December 2013 Chapter 241 Effective November 26th - Adopted Rule Chapter 241 Uniform Reporting System for Hospital Inpatient Data Sets and Hospital Outpatient Data Sets

New-June 2013 Moratorium on Data Fee Waiver Requests


New-November 2013 Data Warehouse Portal - the MHDO Data Warehouse Portal is now open to those entities that are required by State law to submit medical claims, pharmacy, dental and eligibility data to the MHDO. Stay tuned for future updates and functionality.

New Website User Feedback - Help us to Improve!

Resource Materials:

New-December 2013 Chp. 270 Resource Materials - for the Submission and Administration of Data Submittals

New Updated FAQ's - Now Available on the MHDO Data Warehouse Portal under the Help Tab

Reports, Studies & Information:

New-April 2014   Healthcare Associated Infections in Maine, 2014 Annual Report prepared by the Maine Quality Forum in collaboration with the ME-CDC and Muskie.

Update ICD-10 Myths and Facts

New Report from the MHDO Subcommittee on Consumer Information

New Feasibility Study of Matching Maine HIE Clinical and APCD Claims Data