Hospital Subcommittee of the Data User Group (DUG) - Established May 2016

Members of the MHDO Data User Group were asked to take part in a workgroup specific to the Hospital Encounter Data. The MHDO wants to improve the collection and release of data as well as communications with partners to ensure their needs are met. The group will cover topics such as data quality issues, identifying high priority data elements, MHDO's proposed data subscription model, provider index, data submission rules, new data release rules, linking hospital and claims data, and data dictionaries.

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Member Affiliation
Roberta Gildart EMHS
Jayne Johann Truven
Cindy Mervis CDC
Lisa Parker CDC
Hilary Perrey MMC
Anne Ponsor MMC
Lara K. Rosen MMC

Important Notices

Notice 10/04/16:

It was brought to our attention by one of our data users-Maine Medical Center (MMC), that some of the DRGs released with the MHDO 2013 and 2014 Inpatient Hospital Encounter data did not match with some of the DRG assignments within their system. Upon further investigation, it looks like our original results (as calculated by our previous Vendor) assigned different DRGs to some cases than were assigned when we re ran the records through our grouper software. We believe the discrepancy is a result of either the version of the grouper software used (as distinct from the version of the grouper itself-which is the same) or the particular options that were used in the process. Since we cannot reproduce the original DRGs for the approximately 6,000 records in both 2013 and 2014, we can’t say definitively what the cause was. However, our work with MMC has led us to conclude that our new results produced DRGs that more accurately reflect the actual diagnoses.

IMPACT: In both years approximately 4-5% of the inpatient records were impacted by a revised DRG value. See below:

Year Total Inpatient Records Inpatient Records Impacted by New DRG
2013 145,338 6,243
2014 145,792 6,750

The revised DRG values will be distributed to any new data requestors from this point forward. We have also prepared a crosswalk that shows the MHDO ID, original DRG and the revised DRG for the records that have changed. This is available upon request for any approved data users that wish to receive it. Please contact Linda Adams at if you are interested in receiving the MHDO 2013 and 2014 DRG Crosswalk.

Meeting Notifications

Meetings are usually held at the Muskie Wishcamper Center in Portland-unless notified otherwise. Time, room number, documents and details will be made available as each date approaches.

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May 3, 2017 March 1st


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